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How is the integration of organisational activities work in Houzit. Write an Executive Summary. A model and mechanism for providing feedback to staff throughout the marketing process D.

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Design — Bright and functional. Houzit stores have been deliberately designed in the past to be bright and comfortable places to shop. He was appointed by the board to conduct an internal audit of operations to look for weaknesses in the internal control system. Property and Construction experience, with apartment development, is desirable You are an articulate and thoughtful communicator who is proven effective at influencing executive level stakeholders and peers alike.

Ensure each budget you prepare complies with the organisational and policies and procedures as provided. Other staff will use their machines at various times, so it is important that the software requires a login to access data and that data stored by the software cannot be accessed in any other way.

When asked about the lack of time spent with the Houzit managers, Lombards consulting spoke about the healthy scepticism they have built toward assumptions made by managers about how the markets work. Houzit is mainly a homeware chain of stores that can be found in Brisbane, and that has slowly become a household name in all sub-urban and urban homes in the city.

Some of the leading home-ware magazines are selling advertising space with the opportunity of a PR write up in their magazine and website.

Today Houzit employs over staff. These are the notes you take at the meeting: Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. The CEO has also asked you to consider some marketing opportunities that may assist Houzit in reaching its goals, and provide him with brief summary evaluating two alternatives, including the benefits and risks associated with each option, and making a recommendation for the opportunity most likely to produce results.

The typical target customers have the following characteristics: Ranging from property to technology this consumer driven organization has very strong Christian values, supports diversity and has a contemporary thought process to business.

Learners are strongly encouraged to use a team of planners to complete the strategic plan. This will involve an analysis of the debtors to identify ways to reduce the amount of cash tied up in outstanding debtors.

You enjoy taking responsibility for the in-store promotions because it keeps you connected with the key personnel and the trends in merchandise category sales. This is to be paid in equal amounts each quarter. Houzit is the leading homewares retailer, catering to the growing need for furnishing new and renovated dwellings in the greater Brisbane area.

See specifications below for details.

BSBMKG603B - Assessment Task 1

Some staff are paid on a salary sacrifice arrangement that attracts fringe benefits tax. Conduct an External Analysis. What are at least 6 of the typical parts of a Strategic Plan document. Executive Summary Marketing plans are generally used as an overall business strategy for organizations, wherein the current market position and current strategies are discussed and further market opportunities are discussed.

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Check with your assessor whether it is appropriate to use a computer for the submission of the report electronicor if the assessor requires a hardcopy printed version. Your assessor will be looking for whether you have: Specifications This assessment can be completed in your own time, as you work through the related topics in either the Student Workbook, or under the guidance or their assessor.

Of particular concern to Carl was the directive given by the board to ensure that audit trails were created and maintained.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. If so, where might you get one. Sometimes the cash was held in the store for a day or two. Case study Houzit is a chain of homewares stores in Brisbane that specialise in bathroom fittings, bedroom fittings, mirrors and decorative items.

Design and word your goals to be "SMARTER", that is, specific, measurable, acceptable to the people working to achieve the goals, realistic, timely, extending the capabilities of those working to achieve the goals and rewarding to them.

Task 3 — Prepare and present a marketing plan 1. You will be provided with feedback on your work within 2 weeks of the assessment due date. Also review all of the monitoring reports and monitoring activities completed throughout the project in AT2 and make recommendations for changes or improvements to the research process.

See Writing and Communicating the Plan. Strategic plan (extract) Vision Houzit will be a national retail brand.

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Increase sales from $15million per year to $20million per year in the next three years to Page 8 of The Brisbane City Council Emergency Response Human Services Sub-plan is an operations level plan that sits below the Brisbane City Council Disaster Management Plan, prepared under the terms of the Disaster Management Act (Qld).

The Queensland Health Human-Social Health Plan (the Plan) is issued under the authority of the Director-General (DG) Queensland Health and is a functional health plan that supports the Queensland Health Disaster Plan. Kelly Services has been staffing Australia for more than 25 years, offering recruitment services in temporary, contract and permanent roles in a wide range of industries, at all levels.

In Brisbane, and all across the country we have built a stimulating business environment led by forging strong relationships in a flexible and fun culture.

plan is a guidance document and is intended to be flexible in its application. It is intended that revisions and improvements be made to the plan as warranted. Houzit is a chain of homewares stores in Brisbane that specialise in bathroom fittings, bedroom fittings, mirrors and decorative items.

They currently have 15 stores spread across the greater Brisbane area, with all stores being managed and coordinated from their head office in Milton.

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